Who We Are

Sheepshed Entertainment is a multimedia production company based out of North Alabama focused on creating high quality entertainment from a Christian worldview. To date, they have produced short films, music videos, an audio comedy series, and Season One of the sitcom Operation Fernsby.

The journey began in 2014 with the production of the short Treatment 42. Several years later, Sheepshed hit the ground running by producing Bump, an ambitious pro-life drama set in the future which garnered nominations at film festivals across the country, including winning the Sanctity of Life Award at the Christian Worldview Film Festival. The business model of producing multiple shorts at a time instead of one sparked a series of shooting steaks and partnering with other production companies.

Why the name? Growing up in Texas on a mini-ranch, two sheep grew into a flock of 60. To keep up, the sheep shed gained a west wing, a south wing, and eventually exploded into a structure tall enough for a giraffe. And, while a giraffe never graced the giant shed, several llamas (one of which thought she was a sheep) were pleased with their new accommodations. This constantly changing landmark became the name for the production company as the only other option would have been the chicken coop which looked like a prison, and frankly, would have been an embarrassment.

Our Founder

Katherine’s appetite for film began with Shirley Temple musicals and every black-and-white VHS she could lay her hands on. A few years later – with some hilariously rotten homemade movies under her belt – she began working in the industry in earnest. She collected an eclectic film and television resume including features The Reliant, Like Arrows, Play the Flute, Resemblance, and the Christian crime drama Vindication. Directing brings her great joy and personal favorites of films she’s directed include Bump, Choice, and Colors of Brilliance.

With Christ at the center of her life, Katherine aims to produce meaningful stories and share His love in every area of her life. When not on production, she can be found dancing, writing, and plotting to get back on set.

Katherine is the founder and executive producer at Sheepshed Entertainment.